Essay writing can be a really challenging task. And it goes even worse when you need to come up with a paper about the Great Depression or some other US history period. You have your AP US history exam already, why should you write an essay?! Of course, each student thinks this way.

Actually, this task is pretty interesting. Long essay questions in your exam sheet or another kind of writing assignments are very useful for the analytical and critical mindset. 

You can choose the topic from the history you like. Maybe you are a fan of some US President? Don’t miss the opportunity to write down all you think about him!

Of course, your college board has some expectations to the level of your term paper or essay. And we definitely know how you can meet them! 

Read on to understand how you can write an outstanding A-level piece. We are ready to provide you with the best tips from real professionals. Besides, you will find some nice topics you can use for the paper. 

Some efficient tips to make your paper perfect

Study your assignment carefully

This advice really seems obvious. In fact, everything is more complicated. Many students forget about it when they start writing the paper.

The first step you should take is to consider your task.

Think about the task or problem it poses. 

Do you need to explain the reasons for some event? To analyze its consequences? Perhaps you need to express agreement or disagreement with certain historical decisions, actions of a particular person. Or even suggest your own action plan in that situation.

Read the essay writing assignment several times. Do you know exactly what your professor expects of you? If so, you can proceed to the next steps.

Start with a plan

You cannot write a good paper without a good plan. Start building it as soon as you think about your task and decide on a topic.

Before conducting research you need to understand exactly what exactly you are looking for. 

Do you need to find more information about events, people, problems, solutions? What additional questions may arise from this assignment? Perhaps you need some non-obvious sources or even critical materials?

Having answers to these questions, you can find enough information for your essay. The plan will help you not to lose the road.

Do research

Even if you already know a lot about your topic, you need the most relevant information. Perhaps one historian just wrote a terrific article recently. You cannot miss this because of the confidence that you have enough of your knowledge.

When you write an essay, you should be an expert. This means that you will need facts, statistics, quotes, opinions from other professional stories. If you don’t know which sources deserve trust, discuss this with your professor. But always check any data to be sure you’re not sharing fakes.

Write a draft

So, you have a plan and enough material. Now you can start writing the first version of your essay.

It will not be perfect and this is absolutely normal. Use the standard structure: introduction, main paragraphs, conclusion. This is a familiar template for all readers, which will make the process of reading your essay easier.

If during the preparation of an essay you find new ideas, write them down. When writing a second or third version of an essay, you can use them to make your paper more interesting.

Try not to procrastinate and write at least one paragraph at a time. This will help you not to lose your thought.

Make changes

When you finish the draft, take a break, and then read your paper. You will notice that it contains certain errors. This is not about grammar or punctuation, but about logic, consistency, understandability.

A fresh look will help you identify the weaknesses of your paper and eliminate them. Some of your arguments may not be very good. If you don’t know how to make it better, just delete this text and write another.

You may need a few drafts. Make sure that you have enough time and you have time to finish the paper before the deadline.

Proofread the essay

Now you can make your paper perfect by getting rid of any errors and typos.

You can also suggest reading it to a friend, parents, fellow students. Feedback from other people helps to evaluate your work correctly. If you still have enough time, you can even make some changes.

Be sure to check your essay for plagiarism. Make sure that it is formatted correctly, contains all the necessary links. This affects not only your grade but also your academic reputation.

Do you need a sample to write your essay?

Us history essay examples can be really useful if you don’t know how to write your paper. You can look for inspiration in the papers of other students. The main thing to be careful.

Firstly, you cannot copy or paraphrase someone else’s text, as this is plagiarism. Secondly, sometimes other people’s papers prevent us from developing our own ideas. 

You can get used to a particular essay template while reading different pieces. 

But this does not mean that these essays are really good. You can create something that will be much better.

Therefore, we recommend that you read some good examples. But do not get carried away too much. It is better to direct your effort and concentration to create your own essay, which will be a great example for other students.

Take a look at this nice essay sample about Theodor Roosevelt:

Us history essay examples 01
Us history essay examples 02

Good United States history topics

Good United States history topics
  • The influence of the American colonies on the historical and cultural development of the country
  • How did the discovery of the North American continent become possible?
  • What would be a nation of Indians if people had not discovered America?
  • Prominent personalities from the Native American nation
  • Why did slavery spread in America?
  • A long chain of events for the abolition of slavery
  • Who helped to abolish slavery once and for all?
  • How do historical events during the Civil War affect modern life?
  • The consequences of the Great Depression
  • The impact of Mormons on American society
  • Existing theories regarding September 11th
  • Social and economic factors of the Gold Rush
  • Who is Abraham Lincoln?
  • US-Mexico Conflict Background
  • How did the USA gain independence?
  • Mayan civilization achievements
  • Events before the Great Recession
  • The history of feminism in the USA
  • How has the suffragist philosophy influenced modern culture?
  • Who was the best US President?
  • Is the American dream achievable?
  • What lessons should modern Americans learn from their history?

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Students also ask…

Why is it important to study US history?

Studying the history of the United States is of great importance to the modern generation. The past allows us to understand the present. If we want to understand the causes of events that occur today, we need to analyze events that occurred in the past. Instead of saying “history repeats itself”, we should study the successes and failures of the past. 

People who do not live in the United States should also study the history of this country if they want to understand its cultural characteristics. It is history that determines our mentality and habits.

How to start a US history essay?

Starting this paper, you should take care of a good attractive introduction. This is the first paragraph to provide your readers with a general understanding of the meaning of an essay.

In the introduction, it is important to provide a historical context, as well as a thesis statement. For example, if you want to write about the consequences of the American Revolution and the Civil War, or about the Cold War, you should provide some historical facts. It is important to make sure that you are on the same page with your readers.

The thesis statement is the main point of your essay formulated. If you write an argumentative paper, be sure to indicate a thesis. Other types of essays also often require such a statement.

How to write a conclusion to US history essay?

Conclusion This is a very important piece of paper. It summarizes all the points and arguments that were written earlier. It is very important not to enter any new data.

You can write your conclusion before you even start writing an essay. Think about what goals you set for yourself and what conclusions you want to come to. If you want to inform readers about some historical event, your conclusion will consist of the final aspects of this event. If you want to convince them of your point of view, prepare a conclusion that leaves no doubt.

How to write a good us history essay?

First of all, it is important to decide what a good essay is. Each student and professor can have his own criteria.

Perhaps a good essay is one that meets the requirements. In this case, you should carefully study the guide with US history essay prompts and make sure that your paper is written and formatted properly.

You can take a good essay as a convincing argumentative paper. In this case, you should work on the quality of the arguments.

Or do you think a good essay should offer a unique concept and a fresh vision? If so, you will need to do some historical research to come up with something new for your paper.

What to write US history essay about?

If you have not received a specific topic from the professor, you can choose it yourself.

It depends on the historical period that you are currently studying, as well as on your personal preferences. It is very important that your essay be interesting first of all to you.

Think about what period of American history you are interested in. Perhaps you know a lot about him or, conversely, you don’t know anything at all. You can conduct a study to get more information about different US history essay topics and choose one of them.

What format do I use for a college history essay?

It depends on the requirements of your educational institution. Your professor should indicate the format of the essay that you will adhere to. If this does not happen, you can write an essay in a free form, focusing on your preferences. 

A history essay can be argumentative very often. It may also include comparing and contrasting certain eras, personalities, etc

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