AP World History is a college-level course designed to teach students history. The training program covers different periods of history. This helps to understand the evolution of global processes, draw conclusions, and analyze. At the end of the course, colleges conduct an AP world history exam that assesses the level of students’ knowledge.

This exam consists of several parts. The first section includes multiple-choice and a short answer, the second one consists of a Document-Based Question and a long essay. And if you can prepare for the first section by learning theoretical information, the second section of the AP world history modern exam will require creativity from you.

Part A in the second section takes one hour. You will be offered 7 documents with different points of view on certain historical processes. Your task is to write a free response essay using historical evidence.

Part B takes only 40 minutes. You are offered 3 ap world history essay prompts and you choose one of them for your essay. In this case, you do not receive any evidence, which complicates the task.

If you’re going to pass this exam without too much effort, you should know what does the college board expects from you. It is also important to practice your short answer question and long essay questions LEQS to feel confident at the exam. 

Read on to learn all the secrets about free-response questions! Our professional authors have provided the best tips to help you.

How to write an AP world history essay 

Of course, there are different types of essays for this exam. Each of them has its own characteristics. If you are having difficulty with any of the formats, you need to devote more time to preparation and practice.

But there are some universal tips that will help you in preparing and writing an essay. Use them to get the highest score.

Understand the format

Always start by making sure that you understand the format of your assignment correctly. The essence of the document-based essay is the correct analysis of any historical document. The change-over-time essay offers to analyze the changes in a certain historical period. And finally, the comparative essay aims to find similarities or differences between two different historical subjects.

It doesn’t matter how good your paper is if you misunderstood its meaning. Before writing a piece, set a goal for yourself and check it all the time. In the final, you can check whether you managed to reach it.

Make an essay outline

Many students have difficulty writing essays that are caused by a lack of a clear plan. You start writing a sentence, and then you lose your thought and forget what you wanted to write about. A familiar situation, right?

A good essay outline will help you prepare the structured paper, each section of which will fulfill its function. If you write in advance ideas for your introduction, body, and conclusion, this will help you finish your essay faster and more successfully.

When composing an essay outline, make sure that it is understandable to you. You can use notes, drawings, mind maps, and other tools that help you structure your thoughts.

Create a historical argument

So now you have a full understanding of your assignment, as well as a plan that you can follow.

Now you need to determine your point of view and develop an argument that evaluates this position. You can write 2-3 historical arguments. Do not try to create as many as possible, which will work more efficiently on their content.

Each of your arguments should consist of a thesis, proof, and example, as well as a conclusion. The thesis is 1-2 sentences that describe the main essence of your idea. Next, you prove the idea, citing the confirmation of real historical cases or the opinions of authoritative people in this field. After that, you summarize and emphasize the correctness of your argument.

Depending on the type of essay, your arguments may have a different look. Make sure you read the guide and know the requirements well because they are really important for your score. 

Take a look at a good sample 

You may have heard other students use sample essays to prepare. What is it and why do you need it?

There are many essays on the Internet for the AP world history exam, which were written by other students and professional authors. Of course, this is non-original content that you cannot use for your paper.

What you can do is read a few examples and analyze them. For example, below you will find some good text to think about. 

What are the strengths of this essay? What paragraphs can be improved? What can you use to prepare your own piece?

AP world history example 1
AP world history example 2

Complete the task

When you start writing an essay, you must keep in mind your main task. We already wrote about this, but this fact really deserves repetition.

If your job is to compare two historical periods, make sure that you are really comparing. You do not have to prove that one of these periods was more comfortable for life. Just find the similarities and differences in these time periods.

your job is to compare two historical periods

If you need to write an essay based on documents, do not use other information. You have files that you should use to create your paper.

Don’t forget about proofreading

When you plan your time before writing an essay, make sure you leave it for proofreading.

This is an important part of the writing process that helps make sure your essay is flawless.

First of all, you will read the paper several times and check that it meets the task and fulfills all your goals. Secondly, you will get rid of any typos, errors, logical inconsistencies. Only after you perform the proofing you can finish your draft and start writing a final version of the essay.

What will be the exam essay topic?

Usually, you can’t choose the topic for your history modern sample. 

On the one hand, it is not the best news. Most likely you have some periods or persons you really like and want to write about. On the other hand, it can simplify the whole task. You don’t need to think about your topic: just read the task and start the writing process.

Not knowing the exact topics, it can be really difficult to prepare for the exam. Each year the tasks are different, and therefore you can not get a guarantee.

What you can do is check past exam questions. They will give you a general understanding of the complexity of the exam, as well as tell you what historical periods and events you should know. For example, there is no doubt that one of the issues will concern the World War.

Consult your professor if you would like more information on this subject.

We also advise you to choose those historical events that seem most complex and contradictory to you and devote more time to them. Then you will not encounter difficulties with them in the exam.

Buy the flawless essay online

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The best questions about AP world history essay

How to write a DBQ essay for AP world history?

First of all, you need to carefully read the question. Make sure you understand your task well. If you have knowledge in this matter, immediately write down a few sentences. If you can’t remember anything useful, go to the documents. 

When reading, note the most important things, write down your thoughts and ideas. Choose the most important documents that show the social or political position of the author.

Next, you need to move on to planning sections of your essay. Once you understand the structure of the paper and make sure that you have information for each of the sections, start writing the answer.

How to write a conclusion for an AP world history essay?

Writing a conclusion seems like an easy task. But it can cause difficulties for those who do not have good experience in writing an essay.

The main task of this section is to summarize your paper. If you have proven a certain point of view, it is important to emphasize the persuasiveness of your arguments. You can also analyze the consequences of a particular historical event and even propose your own action plan. Do not use any new information in the conclusion, even if it seems to you really significant.

How to write a CCOT essay for AP world history?

The main task of the Continuity and Change-Over-Time (CCOT) essay is to analyze the development or change of a particular subject over time. This is a fairly simple task if you take a responsible approach to training. 

If you have received such an assignment, you need to carefully read the prompt, write a thesis statement, identify the facts and concepts that you use in your paper.

How to write a comparative essay for the AP world history exam?

A comparative essay involves an analysis of two civilizations or time periods, as well as a search for similarities and differences between them.

Be sure to study the prompts to understand the task correctly. You may be required to analyze, explain, discuss, compare, etc. Only after that can you proceed to create an essay outline. Think about what you will use for each paragraph.

You also need to find time to look for good examples. Focus on both the hint and those topics that you are familiar with. For example, if you need to compare the significance of religion in the wars of two societies, you can write about the spiritualistic Mongols and early Muslims. Or about Christian crusaders and ancient Jews, if you know more about them.

Is AP world history essay hard?

AP world history essay rubric may be challenging for students who have not enough knowledge or time to get prepared.

Don’t worry if this situation seems very familiar to you. Firstly, you can study guides before the exam to understand the main points. Secondly, you can read some samples to get inspired by other student’s work. Finally, if you received such a task during your course, you can ask for professional help. 

How do you get a 5 on AP World History?

Getting a score of 5 is not easy, but it is a very real task! You need to focus on the study of history, as well as practice writing skills.

Please note that you should not remember too many facts and dates. It is much more important to understand the deep connection between different events, periods, and ideologies.

When you read about some historical event, always imagine yourself in the place of eyewitnesses. 

What would you do in this situation? What decisions were right? What decisions were detrimental? Develop analytical thinking to excel.

What is a good AP world history score?

There 3 scores that are considered to be passing. They are scores of 3, 4, 5. The last one is the best score because it is defined as ‘extremely well qualified’. But if you get 3 for the exam, it is also ok, it means you’re ‘qualified’. 

Actually, it is not the best decision to worry too much about your score. It is better to focus on your knowledge and skills. If you know how to develop an argument and read the AP world history long essay questions attentively, you can write your paper with ease.

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